New Build Windows Boot Problem Please Help!

hi, i'm at my wits end with this build now, so i'm seeking some expert advice...heres the problem. I firstly managed to install win xp pro onto my old drive, but everytime windows booted up after a few minutes it would freeze (no BSOD). Then i would have to restart. Got tired of constantly restarting, so reformatted the drive and reinstalled xp pro onto my new sata drive and now it freezes just as you would expect the desktop to show up i get a mouse pointer (or eggtimer) on a blank screen.

I have ran DiskCheck on my old drive with no issues and all other parts are new out of the box. I have updated the BIOS of my mobo and left the settings on the default please help!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Quad Q6600 (g0 stepping)
Asus P5k-e Wifi
OCZ 2x1gb PC-6400 DDR2 Reaper
Hiper Type-r 580W psu
320gb Samsung Spinpoint HD321KJ SATA 2 (new drive)
60gb Excelstore Technology IDE (old drive)
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  1. Appears that you need to go into the bios and manually set voltage to 2.1 or 2.2 volts for stable operation.
  2. which voltage are you talking about exactly (cpu??) do you think it might be a graphic card problem because the 1 i'm using is an old PCI card that i'm borrowing off a friend till i can get hold of a more powerful card
  3. He is talking about the memory voltage. Set it at manufacturer's recommended voltage.
    Also you could do a test with memtest86+.
    You definitely need to put in a more powerful graphics card.
  4. i've now reinstalled xp pro on my old drive (as above) and i can get into the desktop for a few minutes again as before, but its not reconising the sata hd i have connected and the floppy drive dosen't seem to be working either.

    I have the old hard drive set to slave and the dvd rewriter set to master, which are both connected by ide cable. Does this make any difference??

    I'm not running any games or anything that requires heavy graphics at the moment, so i don't think it's the video card i just need it to show my desktop and browser windows.

    I have set the ram voltage to 2.1v as above, but that hasn't seem to have done the trick any other ideas will be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks
  5. Make sure you hooked up your SATA to the non Raid controller and you configured it as IDE, not RAID, not AHCI in the bios. Make sure it has power.
    Make sure the floppy has power and the cable is connected properly.
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