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Menu bar missing after windows update

Hello,My computer has been out of commission for 8 months. I just hooked it all back up and did a windows update. My BF accidently downloaded IE8 and I reverted back to IE7 ---- Now the Menu bar is totally gone. Not even tools is available. Have an "Add Button" choice which does nothing. Help!
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  1. Please try to reinstall / repair IE7:
  2. It does not allow for ANY downloads and will not launch "Internet Options"! It's like it's been hijacked. I ran Dr. Web with zero results. Any suggestions?
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    Have you tried changing the internet options through the control panel? If not, try that.

    If you think it's infected, restart and boot into safe mode with networking (F8 on startup). Download, install, and update malwarebytes. Then do a full system scan.

    If you can't download malwarebytes in safe mode with networking, download the installer on another PC. You can use a flash drive, CD, floppy...etc, to transfer the installer to the other PC. Then run the malwarebytes scan.
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