Requesting CPU upgrade help on Amberine M (ASUS) motherboard

A family member has a Compaq/HP 1720NX computer with an Amberine M motherboard and AMD Sempron 3500+. I’m trying to help him upgrade the CPU in this. This board is a 939 chipset and I see from the Chipset specs it should be able to run these higher end 939 CPU's
"AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Toledo" (dual core 2.4 Ghx)
"AMD Operon 185" (dual core 2.6 Ghz)
"AMD FX-60" (dual core 2.6 Ghz)

However with the limited BIOS provided by Compaq it worries me that one of these may not work. Does anybody have any experience with upgrading the CPU in the Amberine-M motherboard and what's the best CPU that you've successfully upgraded to? Or has anybody used a 3rd party BIOS and successfully upgraded the CPU (if so what CPU worked)?
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    Some info suggesting that Compaq supports the X2 4800+ on your A8AE-LE board.
  2. Has anybody got an Opteron 185 or FX-60 to work on this though?
  3. I installed an AMD Opteron 180 on the HP a1230n with an Asus Amberline A8AE-LE motherboard last night and everything is running great. The installation was not easy as the HP installed AMD 3800+ and Fan did not want to come out. After loosening the Fan and slowing rocking it to release it from the processor - yikes the process came out with it. I was worried the socket was damaged but thankfully it was not. I will need a torch to separate the old processor from the heat sink.

    HP a1230n
    Asus Amberline A8AE-LE
    2 GB Kingston PC3200
    Samsung 200GB
    WD 500GB
    Windows XP Pro
    used primarily for surfing, budgets and digital conversion of home movies
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