Fluctuating core voltage normal?

I'm looking at this cpu-z monitor and noticing that the core voltage on my cpu keeps jumping around from as low as 1.184V up to 1.216V. I even saw it briefly go up to 1.3 something.

Is it supposed to move around like that? I have an e6750 on a p5K board. Corsair 520w psu, no oc and everything stock.

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  1. Vcore does move around(when it drops its called v-droop. Some boards are better then others.), even more so with speed step on. If its not unstable, do not worry about it.....

    In short, yes it moves. and in cases can drop under load(some asus boards have an option to minimize this[voltage dampener or something similar]). If you enable speed step it will go even lower....
  2. you have it set too low thats why it moves so much
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