fix sli

striker extreme, 4gb 800 ram, 2 8800 gts asus 320mb, q6600, coolermaster 850w. vista 64

single card: eg, 11fp in lost planet.
sli:1fp in lost planet
this is the case for all games. sli way slower

tried everthing, testing cards in different slot, different combination, test in friends pc, hotfix, install uninstall drivers..... so i guess its the bridge ..... the mobo ..... or the drivers that has issues .

if someone can help me fix this sli prob,..... i will bow down. it is sad knowing that i have sli but could only use one card.
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  1. Have you d/l'd all the recent motherboard and chipset drivers from ASUS?
  2. XP Pro.
  3. from what i've heard, SLI doesn't work very well at all in vista 64. you wanna fix the problem? take out one of the GTSs
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