GA-p35c-DS3R rev 2.0 stuck at post screen

Ok so i bought ga-p35c ds3r rev 2.0

put in following 4gb of ocz ram

have a ati 1950pro.

put in core 2 E6550

using usb keyboard and wireless mouse (also usb)

sata hard drive and ide burner

and finally 485W enermax psu.

yesterday i installed windows xp on it. was going to instal the drivers and i couldnt cause i needed to upgrade the xp to sp1 and or sp2. (dsl disconnected. thats another story :) )

so i thought i will do it later on. Turned off the pc and went to sleep. next day after work, i tried to start the pc but it just wont boot.

The welcome screen (where you see gigabyte logo and a line at the bottom saying tab takes you to post screen and del into bios etc) will pop up as soon as I power up the the pc and thats it. keyboard has a LED on it which is on so i know that motherboard is working. but no key stroke will do anything. So basically it will mobo will stall at the welcome screen.

I restart it (power buttons on the case work) and then nothing comes up. I unplug the ac cord and then connect it and the start the pc and the same welcome screen comes and nothing else happens.

I already cleaned the bios (by removing the battery) but nothing has changed.

I am going to do the ram test (will just try to boot with one stick in different slots).

and to remove the burner hard drive and all the other little things like hdd led and cpu led.

but for now i have no idea what is wrong with the mobo. I dont know the bios version cause i cant get past the welcome screen.

Please help......................
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  1. ok looks like some problem with the fourth stick of ram.

    3 sticks work fine i.e. computer boots up with three sticks.

    but the major problem right now is that i cant get the keyboard and mouse working. any help? any idea?
  2. There is bios updates for those problems I believe.

    Use USB mouse and keyboard, if you aren't.
  3. ok its not the fourth stick. I was finally able to install everything. Now the mouse and the keyboard work. I reinstalled the windows and they still worked.

    But now the new problem. Actually its an old one but i never really noticed before.

    my first attempt to boot the pc in a given day and i get a black screen. After couple of more attempts i will get to welcome screen. In one or two more attempts, I will be able to boot properly. Now it doesnt matter how many time i boot, PC will run just fine. I may get BOD in 4 or 5 hours. Otherwise it will work perfectly. I turn off the pc for the night. And next day, i have to go through the same old stupid boot routine of freezing on black and then welcome screen and on post and then i will get a boot.

    Past 3 days, it is happening to me like that and pretty consistant. It looks like the pc needs to be warmed up before it can run like a car in winter.

    Any idea?????????
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^

    sobank said:

    Duh!!!Dude your PSU is cr@p. Get a good PSU from the top tires here:

    I recommend a Corsair 480VX for your needs. Get a 520HX/550VX if you plan to add a high end graphics card like the 8800GT,etc.
  5. Ok. I am just coming back to report. Though very old topic but still this chapter should be closed.

    I went back and returned the motherboard, got a replacement and still same crap. I got tired and returned that one too and got a asus p5kc. That was like two years ago. Things are still fine. I am still using same old "crapy" power supply as my friend above pointed out.

    Apparently the shipment of boards was crap. I have a asus P5kc, and 4 gb ram and hd5770 and every thing is running smoothly.
  6. ^ Create a new XP SP3 "complete" Installation CD/DVD:
    1. D/L required pre-install drivers.
    2. Windows XP Service Pack 3 - ISO-9660
    3. Use nLite app to create the "complete" Installation CD/DVD - "complete" Installation CD/DVD

    Create a "new post" and reference this one in the body. ;)

    BTW - your old {IDE} DVD can cause installation failures on newer Windows installs.
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