Overclocking q6660 on a msi p35 neo 2fr

Ok here are my specs
xigmatek cooler
msi p35 neo2 fr
2g of crucial ballistix tracer 800
evga 9800 gtx

ok so right now i have the q6660 clocked to 3mhz, with a 1:1 ratio I'm wondering what that puts the memory at? it says under cpu-z that the memory is @346 mhz so with ddr2 that means its @ 700 right? Right now the ballistix is at 4-4-4-15, @ 2.2. does that sound fine? What should i do to get the memory up higher? change the ratio or?

I'm using coretemp right now and i'm concerned with the accuracy of the program. I've been playing crysis and running 3dmark and the highest i've seen is 40 degrees celsius, that seems like something is wrong to me.. maybe now though, i'm not extremely familiar with the quadcores. What cpu monitoring program would you recommend? i would like one that logs temperatures so i can see the the peak of how hot my proc. got.

3dmark06-- 14481marks
CPU Score---4816

^ does that sound about right to you?

I'm planning on bumping my 9800gtx up to the ssc speeds, do you think this would be very beneficial?

I am open to any suggestions and would appreciate as much help as possible,

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  1. A Q6660 at 3MHz sounds very problematic. I'm surprised you can even run 3Dmark06 on it. ;)

    Obviously you are running a Q6600 at 3GHz, and it doesn't look like there's any problem. You don't need to change any ram settings if you're satisfied. Your score looks just about right, so don't worry. That cooler you have is excellent, so 40C load is expected at only 3GHz.
  2. your RAM is techniqually under clocked, your ram is just over 700. i recommend if you can getting your processor the FSB to 400. either that or backing down to 333 and leaving your ram at 400
  3. my rule of thumb is using nice number, like 266, 333, 677, 800, 1066, 1333, 1600. if you use on of the lower ones for the FSB all the over values work out to being another nice number. :)
  4. rofl ya.. meant Ghz. ya right now i have it at 9x 333. and i set the ratio back to auto and it put it @ 800 now. I also changed it to 4-4-4-12 @ 2.2 since thats what crucial has the stock listed at.
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