Connecting Mobile to Laptop to Share WiFi using Bluetooth

Hi all, was wondering, if I have a bluetooth handphone, will it be possible for me to connect to my lappy, for sharing the WiFi internet connection rather than surfing the net using GPRS. So basically, the laptop is already connected to the Internet via WiFi, if I pair the lappy and phone using bluetooth, will I be able to surf the net using the phone? My WiFi is built-in, but I am using a bluetooth dongle (USB) so both function can run simultaneously. If I can surf using bluetooth, what configuration do I need to change? Any help is much appreciated. Regards.
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  1. I believe that the usual way to use your existing wireless internet connection on a phone is to use a phone with 802.11 wireless built-in.

    Alternatively, some people connect directly to the internet on the phone using the cellular phone network.

    I don't know how Bluetooth would play in this sort of scenario -- my phone doesn't even have a camera, let alone Bluetooth, MP3 Player, wireless or a touch screen -- and it still manages to confuse me.
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