Burned DVD data disk cannot be read on same drive

I have a queer situation here.

I burned some of my high density files (audio, movie clips and powerpoint files) on to a DVD-R disc due to the immense size of the files. My DVD/CD Writer is HP and used Nero express to do the job. After a few minutes the files are copied. Then to test whether it copied all the files, I tried reading it but would not let me read the contents. I ejected the media and tried to read it in my laptop that runs on Vista and lo it can read it.

The PC that I used to burn the DVD runs on a XP home edition. Also as an added info before writing, Nero would ask whether I like to do a multisession or not so I used multisession. But if I use the other it does the same thing.

Any clues as to why this is so?
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  1. flakey drive in the xp machine is my shot in the dark here.
  2. Reboot the PC and see if it can read the DVD after that. I've seen this on my previous PC, it was some software bug. On my current PC, with Nero Express/XP Media Center, I don't have any such problems. I have an LG and a Plextor and they both behave.
  3. I actually tried rebooting the machine several times and does the same thing. But if I copy a CD whether data or aduio, then it reads it. I also tried burning home made videos of my family on it too and it works well, its just odd that it does not read data files.
  4. That is totally weird.

    Is there a "finalize" checkbox in your version of Nero Express? (You may need to click a "More" button to see it.) Is it checked when you write a data disk?

    Try getting the latest firmware from HP. See if that changes anything. I am starting to agree with the teddy bear - flaky drive indeed.
  5. Oh man! The writer is barely 8 months old. But I will go ahead and try out if there are software updates for my HP writer. If not well might as well get a new one. Any brand that you guys may suggest. Before I had a memorex writer and that was really falky as it will decide to copy and not copy in random order.
  6. Regarding the check box, hmm, I may have to check that when I get home. Thanks for pointing that out...that may be the problem.
  7. If it turns out it's the drive's fault, try this one for example:

    Samsung SH-S223F, $24, free shipping, good reviews at newegg.http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827151171&Tpk=SH-S223F
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