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  1. Alright, first thing - that rad is a single-pass design so it is optimized for low flow fans. Just wanted you to know before you made the investment.

    Second, the chipset cooler is only necessary IF you are going to aggressively o'clock the CPU, GPU and your ram really. If that is not the case than it is just going to be a hinderance to the flowrate of your cooling loop. If you just plan to mildly o'clock than a decent HSF combo will suffice.

    Excellent CPU waterblock. same for the reservoir. Pump is one of the best.

    Personally, I'd recommend a dual-pass rad over the single pass versions.
  2. Pretty solid but the rad could be improved. It needs loud high CFM fans. Look at the Thermochill for the VERY best, or the MCR 220 for a next option. And that 220 rad won't hold up to adding a GPU cooler later.
  3. I air cool and use Thermalright coolers,Silverstone 110qfpm fans and old Coolermaster Stacker TO-1 cases,but if your going to use H2O then look into:

    Pick between the 3 or 4 120mm fan heat exchangers and put 3 into a home made side/flat stand alone unit made of wood (top off to suit room).
    2100-3000 watts of heat excange $300 USD + other parts.

    Use Sierra brand non-toxic car/truck coolant ($8 USD per Gallon).
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