RAM Disk? Is it worth it?

I was reading an article the other day about how DDR2 prices are at an all-time low. They suggested that even a PC with a 32-bit OS can take advantage of this: get 8 GB of RAM, use 3 as normal RAM and 5 as RAM disk.

What's up with that? Has anybody here actually tried it? Is it possible in Windows XP Media Center 32-bit for example? I know what a RAM disk is, I'm just wondering how it would be useful. For example I don't see myself installing Crysis on the RAM disk every time I want to play. Ideas, anybody? Thanks!
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  1. Most often, if you have to ask if it's worth it, it isn't.

    The problem with those RAM Disks is that they only hold up to a certain size per slot. (Note: I don't remember where I heard this from, so if I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.) So yeah, you have 6 Ram slots...that can only hold 512 sticks. Great! You have 2.5 GB HDD space.

    I'd wait till the price of Solid State Disks dies down.
  2. running XP32 will give you total addressable ram of 3.2 gigs ish...
    from there you would load in your ram drive... so to use the whole 8 gigs of ram you would need XP64 or Vista64.
    there you would have the use of all of the ram to load in your ram drive.

    you have to realise that the ram drive is controlled by the OS and only can be loaded after windows loads.

    edit: different ramdisk software will allow you to load up different images into your ram disk. so you could load in your Crysis image each time you want to play.
  3. Thanks! Ok, now it makes a lot more sense. It did sound suspicious...

    I think I'll just get Vista Premium 64bit when SP1 is out. With a little luck DDR2 will cost even less by then :)
  4. I think you are thinking of this old product. Can still use it, if you like.
    Battery powered backup in case of failure.

  5. Thanks, that was a very interesting read. I had no idea such a device existed. :)

    They should make one with 8 GB instead of 4 (so it fits recent games) and using PCI-E x1 instead of PCI (so I can still have my X-Fi, modem and tuner in the PCI slots), and with DDR2 instead of DDR. I think that would sell well. Or maybe I should just wait for SSD...
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