XP not "Seeing" RAID

I have a XFX nForce 680i LT mobo running XP Pro. I am trying to setup a mirror RAID for storage purpose only for music, home videos and photos.

I have already installed XP and used the RAID driver during installation. I have made the bios settings needed, everything shows healthy for the RAID.

Under Disk Management, its show:
Disk 0, basic, online, Healthy (this is a PATA Western Digital Caviar 120GB
Disk 1, Dynamic, online, Healthy (this disk is a SATA Seagate Barracuda 7200 250GB
Disk 2, Basic, online, Unallocated, (these disks (2) are SATA Seagate Barracuda 7200
Under disk 2 properties, it is shown as a Nvidia mirror, on Nvidia nForce RAID Class controller, working properly

My problem is XP does not show it as a drive under

What am I missing to have XP "see" this as a usable disk?
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  1. you nned to partiton and format it. and as a suggestion, I would take the dynamic drive and make it a basic drive. If your mobo die, then you will have problem reading the drive on another motherboard. dynamic drive are always bad idea.
  2. Ok, thanks, I've had a bad week, and a massive brain fart to go along. I previously had it working as a RAID however it was XP software RAID. So it never dawned on me to reformat the drive. In the process of "fixing" the drive to be used as a hardware RAID, I corrupted just enough that XP could no longer read or reactivate it. So, I had to spend a couple of days finding the best way to recover it. Power Data Recovery worked perfectly, all data recovered, plus some extra from other drives.

    Any reason other than defragging purposes to set the RAID with partitions? I don't want to limit myself with partitions in case say my home video partition needs more space. I guess I could use Partition Magic to adjust sizes, but figured it would be easier to store data in folders. Thinking about, is there a limit to how muxh XP will read in a folder, I don't so?

    Also, I thought the drive being dynamic was an XP thing, not so much a mobo issue, where as a hardware RAID was a mobo concern should the controller go bad?

    Thanks for the info Pat.

  3. If the mobo goes bad, then you'll have to find the same kind of controller you are using now if you want to recover your data. I use a RAID card, so the array is not tied to the mobo, and the array is easily portable from mobo to mobo.

    and yes, dynamic is a xp thing, but seems to be related to hardware too, because I've seen people loosing full data drive when set to dynamic when they upgraded their computer. if fact, I've been able to recover one, but it was only usable on my computer after the recovery. good luck for him I had lot of backup space...
  4. Got ya, on the mobo thing. I'll change the dynamic to basic. Backing up is a big thing with me, I have Acronis and have it back up to an external drive. I abit freakish, cause I also use Carbonite for offsite BU.

    The drive just finished formatting, and wa lla, there it is an actually RAID drive.
    I'm a visual person, is there anyway to see that it is working as a mirror RAID?
  5. you should have an utility on the cd called something like raid manager..
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