MSI K8n Diamond Plus noisy bridge fan

Just purchased a 2nd hand MSI K8n Diamond Plus

Problem is im using it in my lounge as a htpc, the fan on the north bridge is noisy as is the cpu so im going for fanless cooling on both.

Problem 1.
on this board the north/south bridge are cooled via a heatpipe solution, so i guess i need 2 chipset coolers, any recommendations?

Problem2 i need a decent cpu cooler without being too wide and preferably without fan as i have one mounted right next to the cpu on case, i got a 17cm height Silverstone LC20M case so should be enough height in there, again what should i go for?

Top view of motherboard.

Thanks in advance..
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  1. Your link to the top view of the motherboard is not working.
  2. Why can't i edit my posts :(

  3. A shameless bump only because i haven't had a reply, i can't believe noone can't recommend a fanless cpu cooler at the least!
  4. The thermalright hr-01 might do the trick. You can get a duct that attaches to the rear case fan and the cpu cooler. I had that motherboard for a whole month before it died on me. The nb fan will quiet down if you use a fan controller and lower the speed just a hair. The problem with finding a quieter fan is that in the size they chose they just don't make something that can move enough air silently.
  5. This is actually the mobo i currently use. Word of advice, don't install all the MSI Utility products. I did thinking i could update my bios and keep everything running top notch. Well it flashed my bios and now I can no longer OC anything. Other than that, a good board. Kind of starting to show its age though.
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