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From what I hear there is possibly a GTS (g92) coming out eventually that will have up to a whole gig of memory. What is the advantage of higher memory on vga's? From all the sources I've read it only seems to be of advantage when playing at high resolutions.

I use a plain GTS at 320 mb and from what I've seen the 640 version is little improvement, but about 70 bucks more. So is the memory not a very important aspect of graphic cards?
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  1. Memory tends to help out with higher resolutions and when you add a lot of textures and use AA and AF (anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering). So, if you plan on gaming at resolutions over 1600x1200 (seems to be the performance hit on lower memory cards) or plan on using lots of AA or AF, then memory is very important. I'm not sure how much of an advantage 1gb will have over 512mb. It didn't seem to help the 2900XT all that much.
  2. AA really eats up alot of memory at high settings (since you are really rendering at a super high resolution).
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