Seagate External HDD(40 GB) Not recognized by Windows XP


I've a 40 GB External HDD (Non-Branded). Its Seagate Momentus 4200.2 (40 GB) with "Gemini Casing". Its an old one and using it for years. I connect it via USB.

My OS is Windows XP Pro with SP3.

Now for more than a month I'm facing a problem. Whenever I Plug-in the 40GB External Hard Disk, I get a Error messages like "A problem occurred during hardware installation. Your new hardware might not work properly". I tried all the USB ports in my PC and all the USB ports gives the same result. Once I Plug-in the LED continuously blinks Red and Green alternatively and never stops.

Device: USB Mass Storage Device
PNP Device ID: USB\VID_04CF&PID_8818\100
Error Code: This device cannot start

I used Driver Genius Pro and found this error...

Strangely the 40GB External Hard Disk work fine on other desktops and laptops except my PC. I use Windows XP SP3. I believe its nothing to do with SP3 since the the 40GB External HDD works with different desktops that has SP2 / SP3 installed.

Another point is Flash Drive / Pen Drive works fine in my PC.

Seagate Momentus 4200.2 (40 GB)
Model: ST9402113A
Gemini Case (USB 2.0 Support)

Do you have a Solution for this problem ?

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  1. So this drive works just fine on other machines with XP and either SP2 or SP3, but it does not work on one machine. Is the not-working part new - that is, did it ever work on the one machine? If so, can you remember when it changed, and what else was going on then?

    My thinking is simply that this machine's USB driver for the unit is missing, outdated, or corrupted. You could try to remove its driver and get rid of it completely from this one machine. Then you need a copy of the good driver other machines are using - make sure it is from a machine with current SP3! Put it on a floppy or flash drive. Re-start the machine and, when it detects the unit but has no driver for it, it should ask you to supply the driver from a specified source. Tell it to use the new copy you have. It should install this, and maybe that will fix it.
  2. When it is plugged in go to device manager and delete the detected usb device and reboot your computer. While rebooting unplug usb from comp. Once in windows after it loads plug it back in and it should re-detect it. But you may have to reinstall drivers depending on model, etc.

    I have used this before on some and it works fine most of the time...only times it didn't was when HD was locked/dead....knocking them over while writing info to it is a no no lol
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