Single OR Dual platter HDD

I am going to get a new HDD. And I have 2 options:

1. Samsung 320GB single platter HDD
2. Samsung 320GB dual platter HDD

Which one is faster and which 1 should i get? & Do give a gud reason!

Thanks In advance
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  1. which one has faster seek times? if you are looking on newegg they usually post what the seek times are. obviously the shorter the better.

    ps. and why do you only have those two options? they are the only ones in your budget?
  2. Don't worry whats inside. Look at seek times and throuput, cache etc.
  3. There r only 2 brands widely available here samsung and hitachi.. and I cant afford more.

    The single platter disk will have lower seek times I guess, but the dual platter one will have transfer rate. Overall which is better?
  4. well im guessing but if you are doing raid i would think the transfer rate would be more important. if you are only doing one harddrive i would say the lower seek times would be better.
  5. For a given capacity, the fewer platters a drive has, the more densely the data is stored, and as a result, the sequential transfer rates will be significantly higher. Go for the single.
  6. Thanks
  7. Ditto go for the single platter drive.
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