Stupid MB mounting to case question..

does it really matter if the washers go on top of the brass standoffs under the MB or on top of the board under the screws?? never really thought about. but does it matter??
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  1. Have never gotten a case with washers for the standoffs and have never had a problem
  2. I've never used washers or heard of using them either. Just screw directly into the standoffs through the holes in the mobo.
  3. So the answer does not matter.
  4. Yes and no, the washers spread the torque from the screws over a greater surface area, Imagine how sick you would feel as you tighten the screw and hear your mb crack. Can you live with out them, sure just be careful
  5. Make sure you have the exact number of standoffs required by the mobo, no more, no less.
  6. As long as they are not shorting together metal traces on the motherboard surface, they are fine.
  7. ok thanks. guys appreciate it.
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