Considering on Buying a SSD

Need some advices since i dont know this technology.

well the 3 specs i was caring about are Read/Write speed and capacity for example

a disk of 128 gb with good read and write speed.

the disk its for my desktop so i dont care about size if being bigger its cheaper then its fine for me what i want its performance.

This its the disk im AIMING for its this
Sequential Access - Read up to 175MB/s
Sequential Access - Write up to 100MB/s
For $439.99
Sequential Access - Read 100MB/s
Sequential Access - Write 80MB/s
For $749.00

I would like to know wha are the main differences between this SSDs, since the last one has only 64GB and it also has apparently" for me" slower transfer rate but the price its almost the double it just doesnt fit in my mind there must be something on this SSD that rise its price over the other one wich looks better.

may be the power consumption? size? or somethign else.

THX in advance :hello:
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  1. read this article on anands
    it's mainly about testing the new Intels SSD, BUT it also dwells upon the differences between cheap MLC vs expensive SLC designs. It should answer your questions in quite depth and detail.

    Of course I'm not sure which controller the Patriot SSD uses, the user review said it doesn't have this stuttering (random write latency) issue...
  2. The Patriot is exactly like an OCZ Core - they all are just rebranded Samsung MLC with a Jmicron controller. The Samsung flattens the Patriot between those two, and perhaps the best choice in that price range is the Intel 80GB X-25M.
  3. AnandTech's article includes the VelociRaptor. IMHO it is a better buy, as it is close to the performance of the SSDs tested. NewEgg has the 150GB for sale now. You could RAID 0 two of them for less than $400.
  4. thx for the heads up guys, im reconsidering not to buy an SSD i've readng alot at my own and all its pointing me to not to buy a SSD at least not now.

    i saw it has a time before faliture of 2,000,000 hours and i said wow this thing will last for ever but, then i readed some whereelse they have a life in cicles or read/write and in thace case it changes de durability.

    ya i will take the advice guys i think dual raptor in raid are lot better choice.

    Thx for the info cya ppl.

    the power consumption its not a also so great and considering i was plannign to buy for my desktop thats doesnt make any difference.

    the wieight itsnt also so a need in my case

    the write speed and nominal transfer to copy large files its lot solower than regular hard disk

    and even the read speed itsnt sooooo adventajed compared to regular HD

    price its high as hell arround 8 times more per gb than a HD
  5. ^agreed on the raptor, unless you have money to burn then id go with the intel X-25M as reviewed
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