Overclocking a Q9300 system with PC-6400

My setup:
750w PSU
Gigabyte GA-N650SLI
Intel Core 2 Q9300 w/ Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
4Gb PC-6400
2x 8800GTS 512

I recently got my hands on the above, upgrading from an AMD X2 6000 + ASUS M2N4-SLI.

I intended to overclock my CPU to around 3.5GHz, and before buying the parts, I'd done a bit of google-research on the subject. From what I saw, I thought it was safe to assume I'd be able to do this pretty easily.

Now i've laid down the hard cash for my parts, as sods law has it, I realise that pretty much all the overclocking articles I've read, are based on the newer RAM standards of 1333MHz or 1067MHz. I'm still using my old 800MHz..

If I were to go ahead and use the figures in the URL below (i.e. overclock my FSB to around 466MHz, and up voltages accordingly) .. would I be setting myself up for dissapointment?


Any hints or tips at all? Or will it be a case of upgrading my RAM before attempting this?

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  1. Guess it would depend on the Ram you have! Ouch... a low multi. That means its FSB reliant.

    You may wanna invest in DDR2 @ 1000.

    Let me do some math. 7.5 x 333 = 2.5

    So 7.5 x 400 = 3.0?

    Decent 4-4-4-12ish DDR2 800 can OC to 900ish. (and farther at 5-5-5-15)

    7.5 x 450 = 3375? So thats about what you can expect from yer RAM and still have a shot of keeping its stock timings.

    And thats gonna be all on your poor mother board, hehe!

    But... if you have 4-4-4-12 or 15, You'll be able to pull 5-5-5-15 at even higher Mhz. So you should be okay!


  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the response.
    My RAM timing is "4-4-4 1T"..

    Just had a look at my motherboard specs. Says it supports 1333MHz data-bus, but only supports 800MHz memory.. I thought these would have been the same number.

    I'm guessing by upping the FSB to 450, I can expect to get a fair bit of heat from my motherboard and memory? I have plenty of fans / exhuasts in my system, will air cooling alone be enough to support this kind of heat output?
  3. I thought that DDR2 memory was twice the FSB, and therefore DDR2-800 would be in 1:1 with the 400 MHz FSB that his CPU will be running at on 3.0 GHz. Then wouldn't it be a waste of money for the DDR-1000? I guess that would be useful for a FSB of 500 but then isn't that kind of pushing the limits of stability (I've read most motherboards won't POST past 2000 FSB (500FSB quad pumped)?
  4. It'll be a lot of luck involved if you achieve over 400mhz fsb on that motherboard. I could be mistaken, but i'm pretty sure the 650i motherboards are really a bugger to overclock. They don't like to push there fsb at all.

    Before you start your Oc endeavor i'd definetly recommend relaxing your RAM timings. That way if it won't post past 400mhz then you can rule out the RAM.

    I wish you luck. And grats on your new gear :)

    EDIT: Realized he had 2 gfx cards ><
  5. Thanks :)

    I actually went for the Gigabyte GA-N650SLI over the P5K-E, as I was told the Gigabyte is a good overclocker, whereas the P5K-E is very stubborn in that area, and lacks the extensive memory timing and voltage fine tuning features.. damn, I feel burned :/
  6. Woah.. yeah. P5k-e wifi all day! I run a 475 FSB in sync at 951 @ 3.8 Ghz on my q6600. Boots at 500 FSB! Shoot, I hope a 650i is more compatible with the new quads! It hates on 6600s!

    So yeah, burned! :(

    BUT.. we'll get ya up there, I hope!

  7. lol, Cheers for all the pointers.
    My board is currently back with the retailer, as I noticed a problem with the way the heatsink sits on the processor.. thought I'd best get them to check out the contact points as it appears to sit at a slight angle. Soon as I get it back, I'll start playing with the FSB and post my results.
    In the meantime I've trawled through a load of cutomer reviews for the board. Alot of them seem to be positive in terms of overclockability and stability at FSB 400MHz and above.

    Can I expect to have to boost the voltage much with this kind of processor?

    and also how important are memory timings, as I have two sets of 2x 1Gb RAM both of them 800MHz DDR2, but with different stock timings.. would the motherboard override them to run in the same timing plan, or can they be different.. what timings would you guys reccommend for this setup?

  8. Well, its pretty easy. If one set is 5-5-5-15, and the other is 4-4-4-15, looks like you'll be runnin' them both at 5-5-5-15.

    Then again, one board lets you run two different speeds, because technically, its two DDR channels, after all! What board was that? ::Looks around through all his computer gear.:: Ahh well.

    I guess you can just start at 425 FSB and slowly climb after that. Thats 850 on your RAM.

    Believe it or not. Alot of the coolers dont just sit "straight" on the chip, there is play, and hell, my TRUE sometimes works better when on sideways! As in, at a angle to being straight!{}=X One board or processor wants it on straight, the next wants only two screws and to be mounted sideways, just like yer not supposed to do!

    I guess I should start investigating the VIDs of the newer chips?

  9. Actually Luprion, tower coolers work better when laid sideways. It's because how the gravity affects the liquid, and apparently it works better when the liquid goes from side to side rather than bottom to top.
  10. Hey guys,
    Thought it would be better to re-use this thread, as it already contains my life story :)
    Just heard back from the retailer. My board was faulty, which is why it wouldnt post. They have offered to replace it straight up.. but there is no date for when the board will be back in stock.

    So, I get the opportunity to swap it for something similar, and pay the difference..

    On www.novatech.co.uk
    Please as a matter of urgency can someone reccommend a good FSB1333 CPU compatible board, which overclocks well and has 2x PCIe (Dont mind if it is 8x + 8x, rather than 16x + 16x). If someone can give me an answer in the next hour or so, I'll be able to pick it up today :) £80 is my preferred upper price bracket..
    This would be much appreciated :)

    Many thanks
  11. I'm currently looking at this:

    Any Thoughts?
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