3580 (256/512 MB) vs 8800 (256 MB)

I'm trying to decide between an ATI 3580 with 256MB ($179), ATI 3580 with 512MB ($199) and an Nvidia 8800 with 256MB ($210).

I'd prefer to go for the cheapest alternative unless the gain in performance is too extreme to be ignored. And if that's the case, what would be better? the 3580 with more memory or the 8800 at 256MB?

Thank you all for your help!
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  1. I have been an Nvida person for years and have no problem with them. One thing I do not understand it that the ATI 3580 has faster Mhz Clocks and 320 Unified Stream Processors Vs. the 8800gt slower Mhz clocks and only 112 Stream Processors and it shows to be slower, Why it that? It has so many more Processors and faster clocks. Why is it slower? I have a 8800gt by the way and it is faster than my two 7900gs running in sli setup. Runs Bioshock really well, as well as Crysis.
  2. I think the cores are set up differently, and the Nvidia stream processors do much more per clock than the ATI ones.
  3. @danielman this http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/xfx_geforce_8800_gt_256mb_xxx_review/ should answer your question about what you get for your money.
  4. the reviews I've seen show a HUGE hit in performance going down to 256mb on the 88s. I'd have to say the 512 ati if the 8800gt 512 is out of your price range.
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