System cannot start up when SATA hard drive is connected

I am using the Western Digital WD5000AAKS SATA drive and ASUS P5Q Pro motherboard.

When the hard drive is connected and start the machine, the screen light up, but it is empty black. Then nothing will happen. The bios logo won't even show.

If the hard drive is disconnected, the system can start normally, but find no hard drive of course... :-(

The interesting thing is, if I start the system with the hard drive disconnected, then after I see the bios logo shows up, I connect the hard drive back, and the system loads normally! Vista starts, and files in the hard drive seems OK. I have quick checked the hard drive with WD's lifeguard diagnose tool, found no problem.

Any idea why?
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  1. Hello,
    i have the same problem.I bought new Seagate Monument ST9500325AS 500 Gb 2.5 " in to my HP Pavillion DV6661 EV.When i starts i get black screen without vista boot.But when a restart 2-3 time it work..

    Somebody know what the problem ? I was thinking that maybe firmware or power problem or i dont know .... PLEASE HELP!!!
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