EIST disappearing (DS3L and E2180)

Hey guys

I have an E2180 and P35-DS3L motherboard and EIST has conveniently disappeared.

When my system first ran I had it, but it is sort of just gone. C1E is there and enabled (overclocking but need a better cooler so enabled for now) but EIST is gone and I believe my proc. has it

Any reason why its gone??? Not a real concern just wondering
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  1. Re flash BIOS or clear CMOS and see if it helps. I have the same CPU and Motherboard, and the EIST function is there, but I'm not using it :lol:
  2. Well I could seriously care less. When I overclock when I get better cooling it will be disabled anyways
  3. I had the same problem the other day. I care about it because it's another symptom I can use to make Gigabyte give me a board that actually works! Lot of unhappy customers out here.

    My DS3L is playing up (the not holding OC problem). After trying some of the "fixes", went into bios and the setting was gone. Re-flashed bios and it was back. Rebooted after turning EIST and C1E off, it was gone. I asked over at Anandtech about it because I thought it wasn't right. It came back all by itself though.

    You're the only other person I know of so far that has seen this happen.

    One thing I've noticed about the strange voodoo magic going on with DS3L's, many victims have an E21xx cpu.
  4. Well truthfully (I didnt tell tech support this when I had a recent problem). The E2180 is not under the supported CPU list. The E2160 and 2140 are but the 2180 is no on the list
  5. my overclocking settings will be gone only when im using "hard restart" otherwise, it is fine.
  6. Silverion, check the list again. The 2180 is indeed on it.

    I have an E2160 and it happened to me. Really don't know what's going on with these boards.
  7. So it is......I was looking at the US site which does not have it
    Its a strange thing but I really dont care that much to flash or change it

  8. Yes but it could be a sign of worse to come. I've had nothing but trouble with my DS3L.

    Please at least fill out a tech report because hopefully the more that do will make gigabyte work harder at fixing the issues. These boards have very good potential. Unfortunately there are a few too many quirks with them at the moment.
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