[-- e-GeForce 8800GTS 320MB KO ACS3 --]

Anyone know why this card is no longer available on the Egg? Has it been discontinued?

AND... What is the opinion of this GPU versus the 512, 640, 768 RAM card above it.
According to Tom's charts the plain ol' version is at "500Mhz GPU Clock Speed & 1600Mhz Memory Clock Speed" is rated high for performance. I would imagine with this particular one would be better than regular one of course. But, any idea how much better??

Just trying to see if I bought too soon or if I picked a great GPU. I feel the later to be correct.
(I generally play games on 1024x768 setting)

My GPU: e-GeForce 8800GTS 320MB KO ACS3
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS
588 MHz GPU
96 Pixel Pipelines

320 MB, 320 bit DDR3
1840 MHz (effective)
73.6 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
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  1. You could have picked a cheaper and faster card!

    Since you play on 1024x768 (why?, which games? XP or Vista?) even an 8600GS would have been good enough.. for DX9

    Nvidia will announce the EOL for the G80 chip soon.,..

    Again, you could have bought an HD3850 or 8600GS for a much much lower price
  2. ...Running XP
  3. I think you purchased your card too sooN! just like I did (should have bought a 3870!) but we learn from these experiences.

    What games do you play? Maybe even an 1950XT could perfectly give you the performance you were looking for!
  4. Not interested in ATI. Anyone else have any input?? Please...
  5. ALSO - Please notice that I have the evga ACS version of this card the other two kinds. Are there any charts out there with the ACS on it???
  6. sell ur card and get the 8800gt 512 mb --the 8800gts 512mb does better than the 8800gt but marginally--tht hardly counts and is expensive-- a lot more expensive--- assuming the cost of a 8800gt 512 mb card is 300$(its much cheaper) and the 8800gts card costs around 380-400$ -- the extra 100$ doesnt give the 8800gt 512mb card the price to performance ratio advantage like the 8800gt.
    read the articles abt the new 8800gts in tomshardware and anandtech.
  7. Your 8800 GTS is still powerful, but the Radeon 3850 will match it's performance for $180, so yeah... if yoiu could've held off you would have saved some $$.

    If you can trade it in, the 8800 GT is about the same price and much, much faster than the GTS 320mb.
  8. The 320MB GTS is good, but nowhere near the 8800GT. You'll be fine at 10x7 though. Trading up isn't a bad option for you just keep in mind the 8800GT while faster, is hotter and louder. I have an evga 320MB GTS and it's pretty stinkin quiet. I haven't gamed on the 8800GT yet, but tested the cards last night and man are they loud in comparison. If you paid alot for that ACS version, and you like a quiet card, maybe look into the GTS 512MB. Otherwise keep your card. The 320MB GTS is pretty bad at crysis, but otherwise at 10x7 it's a powerful card.
  9. Definitely should step-up the card ( go to Evga's website for details), near the end of 90 days after you bought the card.
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