Low Quality when converting to flash

I am using Corel Videostudio pro x5 and I am rendering my my videos in the .m2t file format because I want 1080p quality. It renders in perfect quality, but I have to convert it to flash or html5 to upload on a website. When it converts to those formats the quality drops and it just is not up to scratch. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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  1. Are you setting up the project as an HTML5 project when you start? Pages 34 and 142
    of the User Guide http://www.corel.com/content/pdf/vsx5/vsx5_user_guide_en.pdf
    If not, have you tried starting a new HTML5 project and importing the video you rendered?

    From what I have read X5 does not support exporting as flv but instead favors WebM
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