Fit a Xigmatek 1283 in a Coolermaster CM 690 ???

Seems to close to call based on spec's alone, so I'll shut down the system and carefully venture tape measure inside my case, but i thought I'd first.

Looking at the Xigmatek 1283 vs Xigmatek 963.

Xigmatek 1283 = 159cm (6.26 inch)

Xigmatek 963 = 134cm (5.28 inch)

The CM 690 spec's at about 8.25 deep total width, but mounting the mb and cpu takes up a chunk of that.

Frosty's says the Xigmatek 1283 is better, so I'd like to use it but I'm think'n it will be a tight fit, especially with two case fans on the side panel.
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  1. I got a Xigmatek 1283 cooler in my cm690 and it fits good. Got maybe an inch to spare. On the case door with the two fan slots you might not be able to fit a fan inside the upper slot unless you mount it on outside of case.
  2. That's good news.

    How do you like the cooler?

    I was also questioning the need for the case door fan because the cooler is right there. I think I'll just use fans in the top of the case instead.
  3. I use one and it's a damn good cooler.

    Only complaint I have is that it uses push pins instead of screws with a backplate.
  4. Yeah its not a bad cooler at all. I used my top fans for sucking the hot air out of the case cause heat rises. Also the back fan too. The bottom, front, and side door fans are blowing in the case. I got 7 fans in my case thats including the Xigmatek fan all of them are 120mm. Temps are pretty good.

    You might already know this but right beside the power supply on the inside of case is a square hole to snake your wires through it to the the back of the case. I had to cut this hole an 1 1/2" longer for little more room cause the power supply i got has alot of wires with it an was really tight. After cutting the hole i took some small rubber hose , cut it through on one side to slip over the sharp edges of hole so no wires would be cut. Any left over wires i had fit in my hard drive compartment. That really made a nice job of hiding all the wires and better air flow though the case.
  5. frosty says the S1283 is only 5 C better than the S963 at like half the price (at least for me) so with that in mind i went out and bought a S963 with AS 5 and got... a 10 degree drop from the stock cooler with stock paste. certainly not the decrease i was expecting... i would hope the 1283 performs better.
  6. my case is 18cm across, measured on the outside. the sunbeam core contact freezer (about the same height as the s1283) fits with about 2-3 cm to spare. i had to remove the side fan.
  7. wow really? the core contact is actually a smaller height but slightly higher performance than a 1283.. i thought there would be no trouble getting a 1283 and cm690 with my next build! lucky i read this :??:
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