HP Laptop, Broken Screen, Using HDMI to TV only works in safe Mode

hey Im not sure if im posting in the right section, but my laptop screen doesnt work, so I have the HDMI cable to the Tv screen but it only show on the TV when its on safe mode, and when it is on safe mode, its stuck on mute, and i cant sync my ipod :/ among other stuff. lol. Ive tried deleting some drivers and re installing it, but that didnt work.

can i please get some help. as u can see, by me not buying another computer already, shows that im despret :/ i live in Belize and nobody knows anything about computers.
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  1. Do you have the display open when you turn on the laptop and leaving it open? You may need to open the laptop, turn it on, then close it quickly so it detects the TV as the main monitor. Or try another output if you have it, VGA maybe.

    You'll need to get a keyboard and mouse to use if you have the screen closed though.
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  2. In the Power Options > Advanced Options > Choose what closing the Lid does > choose "Do Nothing" ...
    Then when you Restart, close the lid, and it forces the second screen to be the only one in use, for factory resets or whatever you need :)
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