Is Nehalem Worth waiting for?

I'm thinking about getting a new computer in around 6 months, should I wait a bit longer for intel's Nehalem processer? Or should I just stay with what's available in august? I'm not someone who really needs the bleeding edge (I dabble in gaming, but that's about it), but if Nehalem is going to be a processor that is much better then what's available now, then I wouldn't mind waiting longer. Ideas? Thoughts?
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  1. Nehalem won't be around for a while. About a year for their extreme edition if they follow the route they always do. Extreme edition first, followed by the low/mid range market. Nehalem will be released at the end of 2008...only extreme edition one would say. Early 2009 will be Nehalem for the low/mid range. From what I've heard, the performance difference is said to be even larger than the netburst to core transition. So the performance difference should be massive, but it's such a long time to wait.

    What are your current specs? Waiting that long is a bit much though, I'm building a new rig in feb/ way I can wait for Nehalem with my 3.2 prescott and x700 pro. It's ancient and horrid. But if you alerady have a core 2 machine or x2...waiting is an option...

    The only downside about buying now, is due to Nehalem's IMC, and quickpath interconnect, it will require a new motherboard/socket. So all upgradability dies at the end of 2008.

    Choice is yours, hopefully this will atleast shed some light on your situation. But what is your current system?
  2. Worth waiting for? Depends what you have now, and how badly you want a new PC =D

    It'll be better then the new Penryns in Jan no doubt, but much better? Not sure, others will have to chime in with opinions on this.... Personally, my ancient 3200xp chip and 6600gt is hell to play on, especially with games like Crysis. Come january-- Peny me up!

    If I am not mistaken, I think this summer we get the 45nm Nahalems, then at the end of 2008-early 2009 we get the 32nm Nahalems. So the 45nm penryns coming out next month are a good option for people like me (desperate for a new pc).

    Waiting sucks, but before someone comes in and says the standard issue "you will end up waiting forever" response, please note that there are good times to jump in and bad times! Just throwing that out there =)
  3. Well according to some videos I have watched and internet reading, Nehalem should be a large gain. This will be attributed to two main things. First and foremost it will incorporate a IMC and support only DDR3 which by this time next year should have lower latencies and lower prices.

    Second is the second generation High-K Metal gate process that we don't have any sort info on what it will do. If it is anything like what the first generation did it will lower power consumption again, increase performance and allow even better OC'ing.

    It will also be their first naitive Quad core and probably a naitive octo core as the Nehalem will include a octo core. Also a new version of HyperThreading will be introduced that will be more efficient than the last version so Nehalem will scale to 16 threads on 8 cores.

    As for waiting, if you don't really play games and want to have something that will last you for a while I would suggest waiting. That way you will get a newer CPU/GPU that will last you longer than whats out now. I myself built one in October with a Q6600 but am planning on a 32nm Nehalem(2009) and Intels Larabee(their discrete multi-GPU video card 2009 also) as my next rig. Just cuz I am crazy and want a octo core for the hell of it.
  4. The 32nm process will come around 2009...not 2008. At the end of 2008 we will only get Nehalem 45nm, probably only in extreme edition. Until early 2009 when the mid range will be released.

    So yea, as others stated...It all depends on your current system. My system is atrocious, and in need of a new rig. I'm probably just gonna nab a q9450 yorkfield and a p35 or x38 board (only x38 if the 9800 does come out, and breaks the 2.5 Gbit barrier). Than wait for nehalem, dump my mobo/cpu into a spare rig and upgrade to Nehalem. ^_^
  5. yes and no

    no - if you wait you always wait when the nefer comes then you should wait for the next shrink or change

    yes - 2-3x times the memory bandwidth and 4ghz plus of quad or octo crazy - nesss???

    so yes and no - don't wait but trade up!
  6. Im waiting, but only because of the socket change. Currently on AM2 nahalem looks like a nice upgrade :D
  7. I would say no for you. You said you dont need the lastest cutting edge tech. The new cpu is still quite some time away also. Even though all i have seen on Nehalem seems to be good. Who knows how well it will perform till its closer to coming out and is benched. I would just updrade now to a fast Dual core or q6600 depending on what you use your machine for. Then in a couple years uprade when the 8 core 32mn Nehalem is out. This is assuming intel doesnt screw up and make another netburst. I think they did learn there lesson myself
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