GA-P35-DS3R rev 2.0 fickle - finicky POSTing

Fairly experienced at PC assembly, perhaps two dozen builds behind me.
(admittedly, most during a period of almost ancient history, 1997-2004)
Currently, I am building a machine with the GA-P35-DS3R rev 2.0,
an Intel e2180, officially approved Kingston KVR800D2N5K2 .
The current BIOS level is the shipped one, F6.
PSU Antec Phantom

First post and XP SP2 install done with 1 stick of RAM,
minimal hardware, i.e. 1 SATA HD, no USB panel connectors,
one optical drive, etc. NO PROBLEMS encountered.

Chipset drivers and vid card drivers installed no problem,
reboots went fine.

Only when I began the process of adding more hardware, ONE piece
at a time, did the system stop posting.

At this point, it exhibits the "CPU and other fans spin for a moment" phenomenon,
no other evidence of activity.

Upon EACH single hardware change,say, a PATA drive or some USB jumper,
the system will require a thorough, lengthy,
CMOS discharge with battery out, cords unplugged, etc. in order to post again.

I have a nearly static free workstation set up with fat alligator clips to a
copper water pipe and the case, because it is winter and a heated space.

I am very aware of these pieces of advice:

1. Minimal hardware or even outside case to satisfy finicky post.
2. Reseat RAM
3. of course thorough CMOS discharge with all cords/ jumpers

If anyone has a clue as to anything we can do to stabilize this
situation please advise.

Thanks very much for your time and thought &
Happy New Year

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  1. Hi

    Looks like this problem was a sagging +12 rail in the PSU.
    New PSU solved it, thanks.
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