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I am facing a dilemma, I am going into work soon where I am having a meeting with an associate who is like a mentor to me. He will be bringing me in a lot of expensive hardware that I will be using at home to build a network to train on, including; switches, monitors, a kvm switch, software, and more. He is giving me this equipment out of his own pocket and has asked only one thing in return, that I burn him some copies of some IT dvd's that I have that he would like to review. There are 8 dvd's in total.

I realized when I started ripping them to .iso and .uif files that I do not have any blank dvd's to put them on, and unfortunately I am beyond broke so I cannot go pick a pack up. I have an 8gb thumb drive, and a lot of blank 700mb cd-r's. This equal 23.3gb of files that I need to bring with me into work today. The only thing that I can think of would be to create an ftp server and upload the files to it, and give him an account on it so he can download the files and burn them himself.

Is there a better way that I can go about doing this? Some compression method that I don't know about that would allow me to compress these files enough to fit them onto the storage space that I am working with? Thanks.
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  1. FTP is probably your best option.
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