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Overclocking Questions

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May 1, 2008 1:54:28 AM

Hey everyone. I'm currently waiting on a Xigmatek HDT-S1283 cooler from Newegg, ordered yesterday. I plan to overclock my e2180 intel processor with it. I do have a few questions tho. for one thing, does anyone have any advice on installing this cooler? I've read several reviews saying it is very hard to install and that the instructions are near worthless. I hope someone here can help me beforehand. Also, someone recomended nailpolish to get the thermal paste off my processor that came with the stock heatsink. how does this work? do i hold it upside down and use a Q-tip? I don't think i want to get the processor wet....

Also, before I begin to start to overclock using shadow's guide in this forum, I would like to see what temperatures my processor is working under full load right now, on the stock. What programs do I get so that I can see temperatures in Windows? And what program do i get to make processor run at full load?

Ok, thats all for now, I'll add to this post as I encounter more problems (i'm pretty sure i will :D , but that's the fun of the game)

ty all

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May 1, 2008 2:03:58 AM

For installing the Xigmatek, it's not hard to do. Just make sure all four corners are in properly. Forcing them in could be difficult, and if it is, removing the motherboard from the case might help a bit.

Why do you need nail polish? To paint the cpu? :lol:  You don't need a nail polish remover. Rubbing alcohol works just fine, using a lint free cloth (100% cotton cloth) to rub the paste off. Just dab a little on to the cloth and wipe.

If you want to see your temps, there's many programs out there. Core temps is probably the most popular, then there's HWMonitor. A new program came out called RealTemps. There's also Speedfan, which you may want to read the temp guide here to configure it. To run the cpu at full load, Prime95 should do. Run small FFTs for awhile and watch your temps climb, but don't let it over 65C for core temps.
May 1, 2008 2:14:29 AM

If you dont want to take the motherboard out to install it just put all those rubber pins through the fan first . Then hook the fan on one side of the heatsink leaving the fan open like a door so you can get at those pushpins. After that just hook the rubber pins in the other side in the heatsink. I had to take my memory out of mine so it would swing open towards top of case.