sata Serial ATA drive spins up ONLY when not plugged in!

I have a Western Digital SATA 80 GB HDD that doesn't spin up when it's plugged into the motherboard.

The motherboard is an MSI MS-7032 K8T Neo-V v1.X ATX. I've flashed the AMI bios to version 5.00 and got the ability to change the sata to either 'sata' or 'raid'.

I can not find any utility at boot time that enables me to hit 'Ctrl-x' or whatever to configure the controller.

All I know is that if you plug power into the drive and turn the computer on, it spins up, but if I plug the SATA cable in, it does not spin up.

Any ideas?

The HDD is new and the motherboard is old.
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  1. In your mobo's BIOS Setup screens look in the Integrated Peripherals screens. Besides the choice of RAID or SATA, is there a place specifically to enable or disable the SATA disk controllers and ports? Maybe when you flashed to the new BIOS version it set them all Disbaled by default.
  2. I couldn't find ANY settings in the bios other than to choose between Raid and SATA, there was a sub menu under 'RAID' to enable or disable 'BootROM Function' which didn't seem to do anything either.

    Also, the reason I flashed to the new BIOS was to hopefully GET some more options to make it work. I really think there should be some kind of 'controller card' like sub bios menu that shows up after the normal BIOS completes. Anyway, maybe it just never worked in the first place.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Any other ideas?
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