Wanting to overclock by C2D E6750 to 3.0ghz

Hey I have no idea what to do with overclocking.
Hopefully all my parts make my cpu able to be overclocked:

cpu: Intel core2duo E6750 2.66ghz (w/ stock heatsink/fan)
mb: Asus P5K SE P35
psu: Task TK-965TX-DF 650W combined
ram: Apcer 4gb (2gb x2) ddr2 800mhz
gpu: nvidia geforce 8600gt ddr3 256mb

hopefully somebody could help me...

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  1. Agreed, start with the guides and download a good hardware monitor and stress tester.

    Should be very easy, set FSB to 375 and ram to 1:1 in the BIOS (might want to disable speed steep as well). No voltage changes should be needed. The Intel cooler should handle that fine, you could probably go higher. Check out the temperature guide as well.
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