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Sony Vegas Pro OpenCL encoding not working ( choppy playback )

January 29, 2013 6:45:03 PM

It says open Cl I enable it, it tells me my card is there to be used but it doesn't and playback is very choppy and I can't edit on it.
I know how to use it, done all the correct things and it wont render using open cl, even though it's enable and when I press check GPU, it says it is there to be used.

So I re installed the drivers of my GPU and for one render it worked and it was super fast, however since that it has never worked again. Same settings, same file etc for continuity. I have tried running as admin, turning it off / on , deleting drivers when off, then reinstalling then turning on the option, nothing works. Anyone fix it? As I know it works as it has done it once.

I just played Crysis 3 at 150 FPS and recorded at 30.

I drag the file in and its so choppy and unwatchable as it isn't using my gpu for the preview so I cant edit and this is really annoying, I upgraded my system for this and now I cant edit as it wont use open CL. My old GTX 460 and crappy amd proccesor did better than this.

Specs so you know its not my system causing issues.

HD 7950 3G
I5 3570K @4.3GHz