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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to canvass some opinions. I'm going to purchase an 8800GT (whenever they become available again) for my rig. Specs are:

Core 2 Duo e6400
2 GB G.Skill RAM
nVidia 7600GT
250 GB SATA Hard Drive
40 GB IDE Hard Drive
550W Power Supply
2 optical drives
Asus P5B-E mobo
2x 80mm fans on case

According to the diagnostic software that came with my mobo, my core temp runs around 37C idle, going to around 44C while playing Battlefield 2 and other intensive games. The "mobo temperature" (temp in the box) runs from 31-40 (idle to under load).

I've recently heard builders getting 31-33 idle for their temps, so I'm just wondering if my temps are okay. CPU fan seems to be seated properly (doesn't wiggle at all, screws are in tight). Also, about how much should I expect the 8800GT to increase my temps? If my temps are too high right now, I'll definitely purchase a better cooling solution.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. IMO that's a bit high than my customer's build...perhaps you should use/ reapply better TIM aka thermal paste to the cpu (after cleaning off the stock one). make sure air ventilation is good (case fan, no cables blocking air flow etc)
  2. Thanks! I'll purchase some Arctic Silver with the 8800GT then. I'm comfortable with it for now, since it never goes above 45, but the added heat from the new card is getting me antsy.

    One thing at time though: have to get the card first!
  3. get one of these for it thatll cool it down

    lowers idle temps by ~20c on the 8800gt
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