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Hey! Quick problem; I feel like I'm missing something...
My husband's Norton scrip is up, so we decided to go with Microsoft Security Essentials since that's what I have and love. We uninstalled Norton using programs/uninstall AND the Norton uninstall tool from their site. I've looked to make sure it's gone, and it seems to be. I dl'd MSE and all seemed well. It said it dl'd and it appears in programs and on the start menu. However, the icon didn't appear on the task bar nor on the desktop. It will not open from the start menu or the file location and when I try to scan a file with it (it is an option on the drop down menu) it says it's unable to scan the file. So...I uninstalled it, I thought, rebooted, reinstalled though it said I already had the application and did I want to resume it. Somehow I may not be getting it all when I uninstall. But I tried again. Still no dice. I thought maybe since he brought this computer with him from Australia, I needed to dl it from the microsoft Australia site, so I tried that, and same problem. I then dl'd malwarebytes which did the same thing: dl'd fine, placed the icon on the desktop, said it was successful, and IT won't open either. What am I missing??
(Ok, maybe it wasn't such a quick problem :??: )
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  1. after you install, make sure your automatic update is started and automatic too
  2. supervai said:
    after you install, make sure your automatic update is started and automatic too

    Will give that another shot. Honestly...dangerously...he's been using the computer anyway & nothing is weird, but i'd really like to get this settled.
    rookiegirl (the site says my acct has been deactivated! what??? :pt1cable: )
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