What kind of a performance boost should i expect from this? Any info would be helpful

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  1. No body? BFG is replacing my 7800's with the 7900's because the 7800's were out of stock and there was a big debocal over it.
  2. Thats good man the 7900GTX is a huge improvement over the 7800. basically the 7900's are 7800 with a revised smaller artitechure that is far more efficient than the 7800's was.

    You can expect quite a good performance increase and all for free i hope! :D
  3. Trust me....Your better off with the 7900gtx's (if it's free), you get more performance.
  4. The 7900GTX(G71 core) is like a much higher clocked 7800GTX(G70) based on a revised less power hungry core. A 7800GT is very similar to a 7900GS, with the 7900GS having a bit better performance and being based on the newer G71 core, where as the 7800GT is based on the G70 core.
  5. Yeah, they were out of stock so they sent me a 8600 GT OC, which come to find out was worse then my 7800 GT OC (frien helped me with that) So that went against there policy, so after a very long talk they said they would have me trade in both my cards for a 8800 card. Then blah blah later the manager who told me that got fired for doing so. Then after many talks with many managers they are sending me 7900 GTX OC's to replace my i cant complain. But i did spend like 6 hours on the phone with them over a week and a half, and have 2 managers blow me off with call backs. Actually waiting on Matt M to call me tonight...
  6. Another unhappy BFG customer. I wonder if anyone from that company reads these forums. If so, I hope they are taking notice of what is happening to their name.

    If they sent you two 8600GTS cards I would say they replaced the cards. But the 8600GT is junk, so I would be a bit upset. (I guess the fact that they are replacing something that old is good...) Did both cards fail at the same time? Make sure they send you two cards, they might say the 7900GTX is equal to two 7800GT's. (The 7900GTX is different from the 7800/7900GT.)
  7. Yeah the plan is for them to send me to for my 7800's
  8. If you got them to send you two 7900GTX's for your two 7800GT, quit whatever job you have and become a lawyer. Seriously, that is a great upgrade.
  9. Shows how much of an issue was caused by this, and as far as i know thats the deal...ill find out tomorrow >_<
  10. Good luck, keep us informed. I'd love to know what happened to the 7800GT's, and if you really get two 7900GTX's.
  11. Well it is confirmed by Matt M (Manager) They sent me a card that i will be getting today (8600) which i am to send back (**** up again) and they sent out a 7900 GTX to be here tomorrow. The other 7900 GTX will be sent out soon for my other it is definitely happening :)
  12. Lucky dog. As I said, hell of an upgrade. The 7900GTX is faster then the 7950GT. They put all of the ram on a single side of the PCB so that they could ramp the clock speeds up. You should see a nice boost in games.

    I probably would have tried to get two 8600GTS cards. Two in SLI would have been fast enough for games, and you would have had DX10 abilities. Would have been slower overall against the 7900GTX, but you would have had DX10. Oh well, I'm sure you are going to like the new cards.
  13. sli 7900gtx's are much better than sli 7800gt!
  14. Alright update time, finally got my 7900 #1 yesterday took out my 8600 sli and popped in the 7900 and lost about 3 fps in CoH at max with no AA. Now here is were it gets a bit strange, i did a bench with the SLI before i took it out and got a 8500 ish, did it with the new 7900 and got a 6800ish. Now by all stats on the charts a single 7900 is better then 8600 SLI by over 500 points in the general games FPS charts, yet its way behind in the bench what is going on here?

    ALSO Mark had issues with the 7900 bench (same i had with the 7800 when i put it back in before) all the graphic tests you could not see the tab with all the info on it (was below the screen) the first CPU test looked fine, while the second had the left park of the screen on the right side, still seeign the tab...whats going on??
  15. First things first, confirm they sent you a 7900GTX, and not a 7900GT/GS. If you replaced two cards with a single card and lost only 3FPS, I'd say you are doing pretty good. As for the difference in bench scores, you need to take the system into account. Is your CPU as good as theirs? Did they have more/faster ram? Newer/faster build of windows? These can all effect your benchmark scores.

    I've never had any problems running a 3dmark program. Try reinstalling the drivers for the video card, and the program. Maybe something got hosed.
  16. They were both done on the same system (mine)
    Single 8600

    It is def a 7900 GTX and it is HUGE has damn exhaust on it literally. I tried removing and re-intalling didn't help donno what is up with mark.
  17. Still have yet to get the second 7900 which i do not even know if they sent out, at this point they are being rude and dismissing my calls and attempts to get a hold of managers because they are not in -_- GRR!
  18. I hate to say it, but you might want to give them a break. Wait for awhile and see if anything turns out. Kick back, enjoy your holiday, call them on 1/2/08 if you still don't have it. Calling them everyday asking them for details might not be helping you.

    The only time I had issues running 3Dmark was with an overheating card. Once is was cooler, I could run it just fine. You might want to make sure the(se) 7900GTX's aren't getting to hot. Seeing as they are new, I'm sure the heatsinks are ok, make sure your fans are clean and pushing as much air as they can. You might also look at your powersupply. The 8600 series probably draws less power then the 7900GTX. You might need to look at getting a new PSU.
  19. I have a 1000W power supply with high rails :

    Also this was 7900 GTX installed, then Benched so heat could not have been an issue. Also it runs wonderfully in games, so really i have no idea why mark is being all bitchy.

    Yeah i will wait on BFG >_<
  20. I wonder if there is an updated version of 3DMark? You might want to try deleting the copy you have, then downloading the newest version and running that. Or as you said, there are no problems with games, so might as well ignore it.
  21. Nope this i dled only like 3 weeks ago, also it ran fine with the 8600's, then i literally took them out put in the 7900 reinstalled the drivers, and it didn't work. No clue. My new 22" Monitor is on its way tho! Be here tomorrow :D
  22. Please delete this.
  23. Matt M? matt mathiesen?
  24. Sweet, going from two 20 pipeline cards with 400/1000 clocks to two 24 pipeline cards with 650/1600 clocks.

    Thats a 60% increase in memory speed, the GPU gets a 20% increase in pipelines and more than a 50% increase in clockspeed.

    A massive upgrade!
  25. No clue what the managers last name is, but its Matt M all i know lol Still no 7900 #2..:(
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