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From the power supply, there is a "main" 20 pin, I know where it goes. The one labeled "24" though, is that the atx 12v? If so, it doesnt reach, is that normal??? Seems odd.

Video card, id have to turn it chip side up to install it into the x16 pci slot, but I do want to do that right?

From power supply, there is 3 connectors connected, pcie1, pcie2, and a 2 pin. Do these need to be plugged in anywhere, dont see a spot on the mobo. Theres also a CPU1, and CPU2.

From the case, I also have a set of small connectors, one is HD audio, I think i can figure that one out and i can read to find out what "1394 is, but what is "ac,97" It has a lot of wires connected, then it has 10 individual ones out of the end and I dont see where they would go. All fo these except the 1394 connector are on the same wire

Cooler master 690 case

Gigabyte GA-P35-Ds3l mobo

I think thats it :hello:

Thanks for everyone who keep on helping me, it is greatly appreciated!
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  1. There should be a 24 pin connecter on both the motherboard and the actual cord from the Power Supply, that is not to hard to figure out. There might also be an additional 4 Pin connector, possibly near the processor socket.

    The video card will need to be installed upside down, depending on the card it may also require a 6 pin connector.

    For the bundle of wires, your motherboard manual will give you directions for their installation. Some are not required, most are. Use them all to be safe. The rest of you parts might help us a bit. Power supply for example.
  2. If the power supply sais 20 pin and the motherboard is 24, its more likely be 24 cos now every mobo is 24 you need an adapter from 20 pins to 24.
    AC97 is problably on board sound card and the 10 individual pins if they are not the 1394 aka firewire it must be the usb connector from the case to the mobo without this connection the usb on the case wont work! for imformation about graphic card check

    The main plug is a 24-pin plug. There should be just one, and its the only one that can fit. Plug that in.

    CPU1 and CPU2 should have 4 pins each. These are the 12v plugs for the processor. Plug CPU1 into the 4-pin CPU connect that is right next to your processor. CPU2 is unneeded.

    The video card will only fit one way in the slot. If you got it in there without breaking it, its right.

    The connector labeled pcie is for pcie cards. Plug the 6-pin connector, pcie1, into your video card. You'll find where it goes. Pcie2 will plug into a second card. The 2-pin connector is meant to be combined with a 6-pin for the next gen video cards. You won't need to use it yet.

    AC'97 is for your front panel sound jacks. Look right next to that block on the mboard where you plug speakers in the back. The connector will plug into the pins here. If it doesn't work, you put it in backwards.

  4. Great, thanks!

    The CPU1 doesnt have enough cord to reach the 12v plugin, but I think even I can manage to find a connector extension and pull that off.

    This shouldnt take long, hopefully once I put it all in and boot, there will be no more problems :)
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