Whats the best way to transfer files to your new computer?

So I've seen alot of ways to do this but what would be the best? Heres the deal, I will be buying the parts for my new computer on Monday. I'll be upgrading to Vista Home Premium 64 bit. I currently have Windows XP pro. My current HD is a 5 year old 74GB raptor. I have an external hard drive for backups, is it easier to simply take all the things i want off my old harddrive and put them on Vista via USB? Or is it better to install my 74GB hard drive and transfer the files to my new hard drive. Then I could re format the old one. What do you guys think makes the most sense.
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  1. install your old drive, it will be many times faster.
  2. Consider connecting through a ethernet cable instead. If NIC is a gigabite lan, it should be plenty fast and you won't have to take out and install a hdd.
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