Asus P5N-D & E8400 OC total noob....

This is what I have:

Asus P5N-D 750i
Intel C2D E8400
2x 1GB Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800MHz
Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro

I did read the article Howto OC. However, this mobo seems to be a bit different and some of the features are not available in my mobo. I can not set the CPU Frequency with this mobo unless I don't know where to look. All it gives me is the option to set the FSB which is 1333. Who as good experience with this mobo for OCing?
My CPU is running at 48-49 deg. C at idle..... that must suck. I will lap the HS and CPU when I get some MX-2.
The Arctic Freezer 7 Pro came with the thermal past preapplied. It seemed to be quite a bit of it and maybe there was too much on it. Would that explain my rather high temps. I loaded the default BIOS and now my CPU clock speed is only 2.0GHz at a 6x multiplier......? Still, the core temp of my CPU is 48 deg. C.

Any help please?
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    That's your x6 multiplier issue.

    As for your AF7 Pro, your idle temps are indeed too high, especially for a E8400. I'm not sure if it's the cooler or the common faulty sensor on the E8400. Do you have some sort of probe that you can use to see if you're getting accurate temps?
  2. I have Core Temp and HWMonitor and they both show 47 deg. C

    I am using the AI Booster that came with the mobo.....i think it kind of sucks....applying just a 10% OC and clicking apply, the system freezes up and I have to reset. Most of the time it will then boot. Now I am running Prime95 with 10% AI boost. The CPU clock speed is 3000.06MHz (333.34 x 9) but should it not read 3300MHz if I apply a 10%OC? The CPU VCore is at 1.2 voltand the core temp is 62 deg. C
  3. VID!
  4. Ok, I definitely have a CPU cooling issue. At idle the core temp is 48 degr. C. Stock or OC it does not matter.....

    I have now OC with these settings: FSB1450, DDR820, VCore 1.40, NB 1.68, SB 1.62, HT 1.68, DDR 2.11.
    Core temp program is showing me: Frequency: 3262.55MHZ (362.51 x 9.0) VID:1.1125, TJ.Max:105Deg. C., Core #0: 70 deg. C, Core #1: 70 deg. C. I tried to lower the VCore to 1.38 but I got the blue screen when Prime 95 was running just for a few minutes......
    Do I have a bad chip or did I have too much MX-1 on my HS supplied by Arctic Freezer?
    I set the values now to FSB 1333, DDR 800, VCore 1.2, DDR 2.11 and the rest on Auto. Core temp is 60 deg. C with Prime 95 running. At idle it is again 49 Deg. C.
  5. Reseating the cooler and making sure all the pins are in won't hurt. Perhaps reapplying paste might do it if you have any to spare.
  6. I did reseated the HS and sure as hell, one of the pins got loose. My temps are 6 deg. C lower.
    In Real Temp my temp is 32 deg. C. and Core Temp is telling me 42 deg. C. Which one is correct?
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