G92 8800GTS owner inside!

i just, not 5 min ago, ordered from newegg my video card for my new extreme build.
i figured it would run out shortly, so i was shaking in my shoes as i placed the order. i also noticed that the 8800GT i was going to buy had been run out of stock.

my build now has 1/2 of the parts on order.

SIGMA shark case
rosewill 600W PSU
samgsung dvd-rw sata
and now my 8800GTS G92 512MB

i plan to grab the OCZ ddr2 800 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227139
this gigabyte DS5 AM2+ board http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128074
a cheap hdd
and a 6400+ black edition.
i allready have a 5year old 21" sony CRT monitor, and a copy of windows media center.

hows that sound?
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  1. I just checked the price between the 8800GT KO 512 and the GTS 512 on EVGA, and the GT KO 512 is being sold for $289.99 on EVGA's site, which has a higher core AND higher RAM speeds than the stock GTS (no other variations at the moment). The GTS 512 has more pixel pipelines (12) and a few other little things, but I reckon they will both be almost exactly the same in benchmarks, but with the GT KO 512 you're spending $70 less, assuming you can find one ;) But then you're spending $70 for overclockability, if you do that sort of thing, a better cooler, and the convenience of getting one today...for now. That's about it.

    So for me it's worth spending that much less and waiting for a GT KO 512 to be had. I will say one thing tho, I really want one of those dual-slot coolers. I reckon that will drop the temp in my case pretty nicely :)
  2. the dual slot cooler is about 40% of the reason i went with this over the GT, i had a 7800GTX in my old setup with single slot, i ended up doing water cooling just to bring the inside temps down.
    10% of the reason i went this route is the card i was going to order just ran out of stock.
    20% of the reason is PCI-X 2.0 combined with my mobo with 2.0 i should get extra frames.
    30% is i want something that can run 1600X1280 at full settings. the 8800GT can barely do it, where this card can.
    i was about to throw the cash down for the GTX this card does the same thing, slightly better.

    my 7800GTX cost me $454 in january 2006.
  3. Why the Rosewill PSU? Rehash from an old build? Wouldn't have been one of my top choices, but as long as you don't over load it you shouldn't have any issues.
  4. Still in stock
  5. scoobertdoo said:
    the dual slot cooler is about 40% of the reason i went with this over the GT

    Same here.
  6. i chose the PSU and CASE based on shipping. it was free. and 600W is ample. i was going to go with the aspire i had with my last fast build, everyone hates them even more, lol.

    someone told me to get the 5000+ but i just think 3.2 out of the box is beter then trying to OC something. + i should get about 3.5 i figure.
  7. going to be ordering the rest today, any opinions on this cooler
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