need some serious help..idk whats going on

ok so my sata 250gb harddrive was only showing up at 127gb on my harddrive so my friend told me to reaparttion it with reaparition magic and so I did.. got 233gb now..and then I shut down my computer..ok so then i go to work come back turn on my computer the computer turns on nothing for the inputs turn on...mouse,mointor,keyboard,etc.. so it runs but I have no screen no monitor no keyboard to see whats going on.. i tried clearing the RTS ram to see if that would help clueless and im scared at the same time cause it was working perfectly until this happened

anyone having the same problems or know what the problem is..

i have solution that im gonna try.. get my old harddrive somehow make it a primary harddrive let it load windows and all..then I will some how try to reverse the effect maybe if i can get it to work..thats one of my solutions

help :cry:
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  1. Let's start with you providing your full specs, including the OS and service pack.
  2. service pack 3, windows xp
    3.0ghz e8400 d2c
    p5e asus mobo
    ati radeon 4850
    250gb western digital sata 3.0gbs harddrive
    it was working perfectly until i did reaparation and now it doesnt even do inputs
  3. ram is 2048 or 2gb gskill
  4. It is something unrelated to the repartitioning.

    First check the 4 pin cable next to the CPU and make sure it is tight and unplug all USB fire wire parallel serial connections except the Keyboard and mouse and boot.

    If that fails to boot unplug everything from the mobo except the CPU, PSU, 1 stick of RAM and the video card and boot, this includes the keyboard and mouse.

    Post results.
  5. This is two different problems. I would start by opening it up and checking all my connections. This is best done by unplugging and then plugging back in. Cables , both ends, Unplug the vidcard and replug it and check the connection from the Monitor to the vidcard. After you fix this problem you can work on the HD fix
  6. its boots up friend thinks i fried it...but I dont overclock or anything of that nature...the lights on the mobo light up..the video card fans still spin, the cpu fan still spins, cd rom drives still show the lights as if they are being mouse laser mouse doesnt light up..the monitor stays orange doesnt say waiting for input or anything.. if i have to reinstall everything that doesnt bother me as much as getting new parts again... the cpu fan sounds like its working harder listening to it..
  7. If it appears to run a partial post you should hear post failure beep codes. Does your case have a speaker? If not you can get one from an old case and plug it in.

    So you get no display with all things unplugged is as per above? Have you tried that yet?
  8. thats the thing.. though I never set up the beeps failure because idk if my mobo came with one or my computer caase.. i looked and didn't see anything but i need to have it plugin to get display first?? right?? its very odd i can take pictures and post them if thats more useful
  9. The tiny speaker will give you beeps depending on what fails in the POST sequence. You don't need it, but it helps determine where the problem is.
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