Windows 7 batch file newbie

I am trying to make a batch file that has a menu, and does the following:

· At command file startup, the color should be set to white text on a blue background and the screen should be cleared- I have this done
· The menu options should be visible until you exit the script (unless displaying an option)- I have this done
· A title for your utility should be displayed- I have this done
· The date and time should be displayed at the top of the menu directly after or under the title-I have this done
· The screen should be cleared before displaying the menu after commands are run-I have this done
The options below are giving me fits as I have not worked in this medium for almost 20 years, but this is what I am asked to do and any help would be appreciated.

The menu should include the following options:
1. Show System Hostname
2. Show System IP Addresses
3. Show System DNS Servers
4. Show System Default Gateway
5. Show Amount of Memory Available to Run Applications
6. Show PATH environment variable
7. List Drivers Installed on System
8. List current running tasks
9. Kill task
10. Display a text file on the screen
11. Get File Security Information
12. Show All TCP/IP Network Connections and listening Ports

For items 9, 10 and 11, you must prompt the user for an entry to use in running the command.

· You must display a prompt for the user to input an option
· Output that runs more than the length of the command window should be paged with the user prompted to press a key to run the next screen
· The user should be given time to examine the output of their selection before the menu is redisplayed
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  1. I have been playing with this and have all but numbers 9 and 10, these have me baffled.
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