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Hey everyone, didn't exactly know where to ask this as far as placement in the forum, so if i'm posting in the wrong place I apologize. Didn't want to ask any other forum because people in here seem to know what they're talking about.

Anyway, I currently have the MTX Terminator pre-loaded 12 inch subwoofers in my 2007 Audi A4, and I need a little more boom. I was wondering if I could fit some kickers in the box that I have with the MTX subs in or if I would have to buy a new box. Links below

Subs I have and the enclosure:
Subs I want to get :
Amp I am currently running:
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  1. They will work fine. I don't think that amp is of too great quality mind you but with the kickers you will get a lot more power out of the amp because you can run the subs at 2ohms which will give you the supposedly 1000 watts of power instead of 400w that the 4ohm mtxs were getting. Remember to break those subs in before feeding full power to them. If you're looking for lots of base, which it sounds like you are, a ported box will help as well. Also when you install those subs look at how to wire them because how you wire the subs will affect the ohm rating.
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