cant follow certain links - is it earthlink?

hi guys.
this has been driving me insane.
I use to have hispeed thru comcast and never had any problems.
but now i have moved and cant get cable. so i had to sign up for dialup. earthlink
with there popup blocker OFF and all my security settings set as LOW AS POSSIBLE.
i cant follow half the links on pages.
i get a window that says
Security Alert.
Navigating to this link may not be safe. do you want to continue? Yes No
but it just wont go. i see a flash around the edge of the screen and my title bar flashes but that is it.
half the time i click on a link and Nothing, just a flash.
Dragging the link to the address bar works half the time.
the other half i get that security alert.

Earthlink says its not a problem on there end.
So i just signed up for netzero and still the same problem.
I have not uninstalled earthlink yet.

has anybody had this problem?
This is really a pain in my Rear!

oh and also i have to click on stuff twice to get it to go. about half the time.
so say i went to
and i wanted to click on Accord, i will click and nothing but click once more and my windows flag in the top right will start waiving. and its not just double clicking within the predetermend double click time. you can wait a few sec. or more and give it the second click and it will go.

my hair is turning grey over this. cause i really need to be able to use the links on these pages.

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  1. Sounds like Earthlink's popup blocker is still active. What OS are you? You should check to see what is running and shutdown anything that seems to be related to Earthlink. Also you can use Earthlink without running thier software just get the telephone access number and set up a dial up connection directly.
  2. im using XP pro

    i signed up for netzero last night. but same problem
    unless earthlink is running something in the background. but i dont recognize it in the task manager.

    if i were to uninstall earthlink while saving the logon info. could i dialup say thru netzero and still be able to get my mail thru outlook 2002 from the earthlink server. i plan on calling them in the next week so i can spend 20+ min waiting to cancel my account. its one of those free 45 days thing.
    but i need to beable to get mail for the next week or so.

    i also haddent updated windows in a while cause i was without internet for about 4-5 months. since i lost cable. and at the time i had refused to pay for dialup cause i can use a relatives computer 1 mile away with hi speed anytime i want.
    but i finally bit the bullet and got dialup and then i download something like 30megs of windows critical updates and things.. could any of those updates done this?

  3. I would guess this is the new security feature in IE that came out a few weeks ago. This patch disables hotlinks with username and passwords included. Thus a link in the form of does not work. This is just a registry setting and can be disabled. Just google for a solution or find a link on these "certain websites" ;p that says something like "If links don't work, click here".

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