FASTEST, Longest Range and most reliable wireless router?


I've bought linksys for years but they seem to have problems on DHCP connections (not offering DHCP but when the router is connected to a DHCP source such as cable modem) - often requiring a reset. I tried netgear but the range was wretched. I want to upgrade to an n router but I want something that has good speed when connected to a DHCP source that does natting but with great range. I haven't really tested the airport extreme's yet but the older macbooks sure have good range/signal when running Windows.

So which would you rate in terms of
A Range
B Performance
C reliability - not requiring a reset on a DHCP source.


PS if anyone knows of a good review/comparison article I'd appreciate it.
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  1. I have a Linksys WRT150N that has never had a problem getting an DHCP IP address from my cable modem. Use it to provide an internet connection for my neighbor. I am not sure of the newer Linksys products.
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