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hey guys, i have 2 hard drives installed. old one was my vista install and had a lot of torrents on it. now my new one is my vista install and i use my old HD as my storage house :-D i cannot delete my old vista install from the drive to make more room and cant temporarily move them to my new one for a format due to space issues... the storage drive has almost 200 gig of music/games/movies on it and new only has 60 gig of room left... is there a way to remove the vista write protect on the other drive? I've tried removing the read only tick and it tells me that there were write errors?!?! :fou: the hard drive is in good condition and is ONLY protecting the vista files/folders like program files (x86), (x64), and the windows folder...

in short, old vista x64 is write protected from new vista x64 installation

any help would be GREATLY appreciated as i am loosing almost 100 gig of space to the install
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  1. Try Puppy Linux Live CD. This version of Linux doesn't care about Windows protecting data. (Ubuntu or Linux Mint Live CD's will also see the old drive as write protected)
    I tried out 'Green Border' once (a kind of virtualisation program to surf safely). After removing the program a number of files were left in the virtual disk. I couldn't remove them because Windows XP complained the files were used by another program and so on.
    Please be very careful when you delete files. Try to back up before you proceed.
  2. Buy another drive would be the best option and move your wnat to keep files to it. Then format the old drive.
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