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I recently bought a second hard drive to add to my system. I was reading online that it is sometimes best to keep your Windows page file on a separate partition on the 2nd hard drive. Is this true? And are there any other items on my computer that should get their own partition?
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  1. Yes it does help, but what helps the most in performance is more memory. More memory can improve performance more that a CPU upgrade.
  2. Keeping your page file on a seperate partition is supposed to give a performance increase if I remeber correctly.Don't know what other reasons there might be to keep it on a different partition.
  3. If your OS/programs hdd is large, good idea to keep your data on a 2nd partition so your data won't be affected if you have to do a clean install of Windows. The main reason to partition storage drives is to better organize your data
  4. As mentioned already, RAM is the most important. The more RAM you have, the less your OS will need to access your page file, and RAM is MUCH faster than any hard drive.

    However, putting the file in it's own partition will prevent fragmentation - which will boost performance. If you put the file on a partition located on a seperate physical drive from the OS, there is even more potential for performance improvement. How much? Probably not noticeable, but I've never tried it...

    Extra note: The first partition you create on a hard drive will have the fastest access speeds as it is located on the outer perimeter of the disk, which spins faster.
  5. Well ...

    Here's my config.

    hdd1 = OS,
    hdd2 = DATA: Page File, My Documents, Downloads, Movies, Files, etc...

    With 4 gigs, page file size was set to 2 gigs, and xp only uses .04gigs.

    So, yes, memory is better, but moving the page file to the secondary drive will help performance, because, as you access the program files, you can access the page file at the same time. Whereas, on the same drive, both will be in sequence, as opposed to parallel.

    So, put your page file on the second drive, and you will notice an improvement.

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