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Is there a way to force programs to run in stereo mode? Games like Crysis, Minecraft and others run their audio files in 5.1, which breaks SRS Driver (SRS supports 5.1, but it's bugged). Whenever I listen to something thru SRS in 2.1 (mp3 files), they run perfectly and audio quality is perfect, but when I play games or run movies in 5.1, audio suddenly playbacks 10x louder which makes speakers to play audio without bass (subwoofer suddenly doesnt work) and with big 'cracking' noise (can't handle that volume). I need to use 5.1 in Realtek/system, since I have 5.1 system and I need front speakers at 3x lower volume than background speakers.

ps. This have made me jump many times.. For ex. - I listen to music loudly (1kW system), suddenly I launch Minecraft and start walking, which makes SRS switch to 5.1 and everything gets 3-5x louder..
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  1. Audio options...
  2. Only few games have audio options, and only few of those few games have option to change from 5.1 to headphones.
  3. That is true. You could try going into your sound card or graphics card settings if you can and seeing what options are available.
  4. I can change to 2.1/headphones there, but it changes it for whole system. I need 5.1, since I have 5.1 and I need background speakers at higher volume than front speakers. Whenever I set the system to 2.1, Bass is not that impressive anymore and 5.1 totally doesnt sound like 5.1 anymore, but when I set game to 2.1 (for ex. Civilization IV), it sounds perfect and amazing without bugs.
  5. Is there an option so that it can be app specific?
  6. No
  7. Then I can't think of much else you could do except keep switching the settings back and forth. Sorry.
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