Flash as2 project gotoAndPlay function not accepting a variable

on the first frame of the first scene i have this

_global.lastViewedScene = "intro";

then on a leter scene i have this, only it tells me it cannot accept anything other then a string for that function, i dont even

on(release) {

gotoAndPlay(_global.lastViewedScene, 1);

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  1. What are you trying to ask?
  2. i would like to know why this isnt working and how i may be able to fix it
  3. Well you need to give me a bit more info, so that I could help you.
  4. what would you like to know, im not sure what it is you need to know
  5. I don't get your opening post.

    What is in the spoilers?
  6. the first spoiler has the variable declaration and initiation, the second attempts to jump to to a different scene. essentially im trying to impliment a basic history system in the project, with the first frame of some scenes setting this variable so they can jump back to that scene from elsewhere.
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