Hardware monitoring software?

My laptop is dying and I dont know why. Can anyone suggest hardware diagnosis software?

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  1. Thats pretty Vague! I would guess you need to determine what you think is wrong first, then test that! I dont know if there is a suite of testing utilities designed for what you want.

    How about you post symptoms here and maybe someone will know whats wrong! As in, what does it appear to be doing bad, or what makes you believe that its dying?

  2. 1. HWMonitor from www.cpuid.com to see if it's overheating.
    2. How old is your OS install ?
    3. How old is your laptop ?

    If it's just getting slower with time that's normal if it's overheating.
  3. Indeed, without knowing what the symptoms are, it could very well be just too much bloatware slowing the system down.
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